The soul of the Acherl

Your hosts, the Lechner family from Achenkirch

Welcome to the Acherl! We are Sonja and Marco Lechner. As Walt Disney used to say: "All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them", and that is exactly what we have done, fulfilling our dream with the Acherl.

The time when the opportunity arose to buy the current Acherl was - as they say - "not exactly the best moment". Our children were still small, corona had the world under control, inflation was the topic of the day. It was a moment in a time of uncertainty. But you don't often get the chance to buy a hotel right on your own doorstep, so we took it, despite all the circumstances.

For Tyrolean hoteliers, we don't have the most ordinary life path. Saudi Arabia, Southern Europe, South Africa and a Tyrolean mountain pasture have played a decisive role in our lives. Have we made you curious? Then read on!

It`s Family

Gastgeberfamilie vor dem Acherl Schild
Gastgeberfamilie auf einer Treppe

The radiant Sonja

In einem kleinen Tiroler Bergdorf, bin ich als eines von 4 Kindern bei meinen Eltern mit viel Liebe, Heimatgefühl aber auch mit viel Weltoffenheit aufgewachsen. Neben einen kleinen Bauerhof mit Milchvieh hat mein Papa Daheim sein Lebenswerk aufgebaut. Als Weltweit erster Erfinder der Hackmaschine, hat er seinen Betrieb "Peter Moser rustikale Holzbearbeitung", mit viel visionärem Erfolg aufgebaut - er war und ist mein Vorbild. Sein Erfindergeist und sein Glaube daran, dass sein Traum funktioniert, treiben auch mich immer noch an.

Gastgeber Posen vor Baum für Fotos

My heart beats for hospitality and family

Mehr als 10 Jahre lang habe ich im In- und Ausland vielseitige Ausbildungen abgeschlossen und berufliche Erfahrungen gesammelt. Ich war zum Beispiel in Wien Betriebsleitung von vier Lokalen und anschließend in ganz Europa und sogar Nordafrika als Supervisor und Hotelkonzeptentwicklerin unterwegs. In der ganzen Zeit schlummerte der Traum vom eigenen Boutiquehotel bereits in mir. Mit Marco war es dann auf einmal klar und an der Zeit, unsre Kompetenzen zusammenzulegen und das Acherl zu gründen.

Wir leben unserern Traum. Gemeinsam mit unseren Kindern Noah und Marie jonglieren wir Familie und Betrieb. Da Familienzeit für uns das A und O ist, profitiert auch das Acherl von all unseren Ideen und eigenen Bedürfnissen. Der Ninja Parcour wurde von Noah zusammengestellt und Marie schaut dass immer genug Sand in der Sandkiste ist. Unsere Familiendynamik spürt man im Ganzen Haus. 


Life's paths do not always go straight ahead. But every crossroads shows you new paths and opportunities. You decide which path you take.
Acherl Symbol
Sonja Lechner

The multicultural Marco

It was a bit different for me than for Sonja at first. My mom is from Switzerland, my dad is from Tyrol and they met in Toronto. When my father was stationed in Saudi Arabia for work, I lived there with my family until elementary school, and then, in complete contrast, spent 4 years in Tyrol on a mountain pasture . That was quite a change! When I went to secondary school, we moved to Salzburg. I did my first apprenticeship as a food technologist in Wels, then I went to Switzerland and started my career in a Swiss company that was already internationally renowned and did further training as a master miller and baker while working. Sounds pretty down-to-earth, but guess where I ended up next ...

Gastgeber Posen im Garten für Fotos

Tradition and internationality go hand in hand

Due to the international nature of the company, I was given the opportunity to work as a sales manager in South Africa for five years, after which my area of responsibility expanded internationally and I traveled all over the world. You can really say that tradition, internationality and cosmopolitan flair come together for Sonja and me - and now at Acherl. We have both seen a lot of the world, worked with people from many different cultures and have been inspired in many different ways . We now want to share this with you.


We thank our team from the bottom of our hearts. The Boutiquehotel Acherl could not exist without you. Thank you for living the Acherl dream together!
Acherl Symbol
Sonja and Marco Lechner

And now? Come to the Acherl!

Together we will find your dream accommodation

Vacationing at the Acherl means: easygoing freedom. In every category of accommodation, from beautiful balcony rooms to suites with several sleeping areas.

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